Saturday, June 1, 2013

Turtle, Buffalo, Opossum

by Cie Simurro
(aka Thunderbird Starwoman)
"My children, I keep my nose to the ground, always sniffing out something that will aid you in your journey onward. I myself travel a great deal. The subject of vacation never comes up for I consider my entire life a vacation. I go where I will, when I wish, how I desire, and except for roads, which are a danger, I move about freely without undue caution.
"I AM OPOSSUM. I bring this message from all of my kinfolk to all of you: IT'S GOOD TO HANG UPSIDE DOWN IN TREES! The world looks completely different from that perspective, it might be advantageous to turn things upside down a bit, shake them and move in a different direction.
"… among my people, my sense of humor is legendary. Are you not aware that I am continuously grinning, especially when laying low - you call it playing 'possum'; rolling over; playing dead. These are merely diversions so that the predators of the world will not consider me of interest or a challenge. I suggest that you imitate my strategy when danger is upon you. I will help you attain long life, for the one who tries to forestall a fight, rather than battling his way through, will live longer - less stress - and of course, there is always the more accomplished opponent. Have a happy life. Viva l'opossum!"
Such a rich emotional and spiritual day—this Saturday at the Iowa Metaphysical Fair.  First, a run of deep and clear readings and the wonderful energies of the women requesting them.  Most of them got full readings—a blessing for us. 
Then a visit from a Mandan medicine man (waxikena), who apparently knew me, read my book and “couldn’t wait” to meet me.  He entered my booth, sat down and began signing a book—a book I had noticed earlier at another booth, but was too busy to stop and examine—but it HAD caught my eye.  His book.
Cedric Red Feather.  Turtle priest (Rick and I had seen a turtle on the middle of the road near West Lake the other day—an unusual sight).
I was honored deeply by his visit.  He radiated such gentle love and I was fascinated.  He told me about the prophecy of the return of the Seven Brothers—and he is the seventh. We talked of the White Buffalo Calf Woman—the white buffalo of Janesville, Wisconsin, whom I have seen.  And the man at the very windy rest stop who saw the signs on the RV, and my big Indian husband, and ended up giving Rick six beautifully wrapped bundles of White Buffalo Sage! 
Then, Cedric invited me (I assume Rick and me, because he had already revealed that he had met Rick at the “smokers” door) to a ceremony on July 20 in Minnesota, a ceremony to help facilitate the renewal of the return of the Indian people’s ceremonies, and stories and ways.  I didn’t get the entire gist of it, but spiritually it felt important—not just to the Mandans, but to everyone, every spiritual seeker in the world.  It is the fulfillment of a prophecy!  And yet Cedric sought me out to invite me to participate.  Not just a you-can-come-if-you-want sort of invitation, but a “we would very much like you to participate.”  Something powerful is afoot and I feel we must attend; it is of true spiritual importance.
Then, around lunch time, after many more readings, and sales, I was walking past the dining area, and I saw Cedric with the first three readings I had and suddenly I felt as though I was looking at angels—my angels—come to check me, to make sure I was ready.  Ready for what?  I don’t know, but I think I passed muster. 
It reminded me of the day of the Angels in the Desert. A story that, if I haven’t posted it already, then I certainly will soon.  That and the White Buffalo visit. 
Oh, yeah, and then back at the campsite, I went to the bathrooms and when I came out, standing in the doorway was a young opossum.  Turtle, Buffalo, Opossum.  Hmmm.

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  1. Always interesting to read about your Journey, Catt. Keep posting for us!