Thursday, June 27, 2013

June 27: Location and Synchronicity

It was pointed out to me today by a friend that I had not updated the blog with our newest location. And he suggested that I include a map with our location. Thanks, Luke! Feedback helps me improve my blogging skills.

Our location: So, this week (probably until July 3) we will be at Clark’s Ferry Recreation Area in Montpelier, Iowa. We are about twelve miles down river from Davenport on U.S. 22. (Take Rockingham Road out of Davenport, past Buffalo to Montpelier.) Most of the campground is closing because the river is rising and is not expected to crest until Sunday, but we are on the upper portion, next to the railroad tracks. We were lucky enough to get a nicely shaded spot, lot #21.

 Our map:

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Two synchronicities in the past couple of days:

1.  We arrived yesterday and are camped two sites away from the friends we made at Fisherman's Corner:  Daniel and Mandy.  After we set up, I took a nap, and dreamed that the four of us should share a spot to save money.  Later last evening, Rick and Daniel went down to the office and signed us up to share a space. I had not told them of my dream!

2.  This morning, I woke up with the idea that I was going to be getting a lump sum to support Psycards USA.  In my dream it was "ten or twenty thousand."  Around 10 AM, Nick called from London and wants some figures and a marketing plan so he can think about sending a lump sum--maybe $10,000, he said, maybe more.  The lump sum would be for me to use at my discretion to attend fairs, place advertising, and cover operating costs.  Nice.  Now I have renewed hope that I can continue to sustain Psycards USA until we have been main-streamed in the body, mind, spirit market.  Thanks be to my spiritual guides and guardians.  Help me make a worthy showing!

I hope the maps show up properly--I haven't done this before, or if I have, I don't remember how. 


  1. very nice map, Now I can find you.
    And what a dream.
    You go girl

  2. need some me time -- might come to visit....will fb message you

    1. You're welcome to come out Saturday evening...