Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Embracing the Woo-Woo


“Embrace the woo-woo” is a rallying cry for all people who seek to pursue any one or more of a wide variety of spiritual practices to inform the world-at-large that we deserve the same respect as any practitioner of a more “traditional” or “formal” religious path.

For decades, the term “woo-woo” has been used in a derogatory way to put down, belittle, and mock those who dare to embrace new ways of accepting, experiencing and understanding their personal relationship with the Divine Universe.

Just as the homosexual community abrogated the term “gay” and made it their own rallying cry, so “woo-woo” has become ours. 

Join with us—come out of your broom closet, so to speak—and embrace the woo-woo.

Who should embrace the woo-woo?

·        Wiccans
·        Astrologers
·        Druids
·        Shamans
·        Neo-shamans
·        Neo-pagans
·        New Agers
·        Psychics
·        Mediums
·        Spiritual healers
·        Anyone who believes that a direct experience with the Divine is sufficient to constitute a valid religious and spiritual practice.

You can join by signing up for our mailing list, by following our blog, or simply by being more open and honest about your personal spiritual  experiences!  Or you can buy a bumper sticker!
Let people know that you are not ashamed of your spiritual practice.  We encourage you to not hide your true beliefs.  The witch-burnings are over.  Freedom of religion is a fundamental right in the United States—don’t let others abridge that right for you!

Explain your beliefs and practices honestly and openly, and let others know that your expect the same respect as those who to adhere to Catholicism, born-again Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Sikhism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and the myriad of other religious practices the world over. 

The bottom line is this:  we are all seeking God, or the idea of God in our own ways.  None of us can be absolutely certain that our way is the best way for anyone but  ourselves.

Speak openly about spiritual experiences:  prophetic dreams, visitations from the other side, psychic flashes, psychokinetic events (things moving seemingly without human contact), past-life memories, and the thousands of other ways that we experience the greater reality. 

2012 has passed and we have now entered into the New Age many of us have long awaited.  Share your knowledge, share your life experience for many are seeking, many are ready to understand.  In sharing these personal truths, we empower others to embrace theirs—and it might lead to great and powerful change in the world

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