Saturday, June 29, 2013

Fun and Flooding

It’s good to have friends—one really does need at least a small social life.

Last evening, Luke came to the campsite and brought bratwursts and hamburger and along with Daniel and Mandy, we had a dandy cookout.  All around us were campfires and children playing and adults talking and laughing together at their individual camps.  Even though there was little direct interaction with our neighbors, overall there was a feeling of community.  Daniel even broke out his ukulele and we sang songs for awhile.

The park was full, of course, because of the weekend, and we feel like one of the lucky ones to have a spot because the river is rising and the lower two-thirds of the park is closed and under water.  It’s coming up fast, too.  We noticed a difference yesterday from the time we went into town until the time we got back.  This morning the water is even closer. 

I dreamed that we got flooded in because the water covered the road, but it looks clear for now.  I suspect that the Army Corps of Engineers would evacuate us before that happened!

Today I am working on the formatting for Bartleby: A Scrivener’s Tale for its eBook debut.  Only a few more days, I hope, before I can launch it.  Then its on to the new marketing plan for Psycards 2013, and the search for a salesperson willing to work on commission only. Any takers?  Contact me and we’ll talk.

Some photos of the campground this morning:

And here we are in the row closest to the road, high and dry, with the sound of the trains for company!

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