Monday, June 17, 2013

Spirit Dawning

In that twilight zone
That alpha space
Between the dreams and the dawn,
I stretch my arms
Above my head
Hands to elbows
Upon my back.
I feel my crown open
And light floods in,
In that twilight zone
That alpha space.

In that twilight zone
That alpha space
Between the dreaming and the day

I feel my belly vibrate
Down low, the base chakra vibrates
And spinning rainbow spears
Of light begin to twist
A rainbow lightning flash
Between the two
In that twilight zone
That alpha space.

In that twilight zone
That alpha space
Between the dark and dawn

Three columns twist
Rainbow tornadoes
Moving strands of prism'd DNA
And join-ed thus
'Tween crown and base
I wake

From twilight zone
From alpha space.

I was awakened by Spirit this morning with the above experience, and now I am moved to write at dawn.

Last night before sleeping, I was reading The Mystery of Death & Dying: Initiation at the Moment of Death, by Earlyne Chaney.  One of the last things I remember reading before retiring was this:
"Each moment spent in prayer brings some charge, some dynamic power, up the spine to stimulate the chakras...concentrating upon a holy one, such as Lord Jesus or the divine Mary, through a rosary or a meditative chant, balances the positive-negative forces...The head centers of the Third Eye are vitalized and drawn upward through magnetic attraction."
This experience was not the conscious directing of my own will, but an opening beyond my conscious control.  I could see the twisting rainbows, swirling like little benevolent and energetic tornadoes--three of them (though I have no idea what that signifies).

There are four prayers I use often, usually silently.  The Lord's Prayer, because that is one of the first "real" prayers I learned as a child.  The Twenty-Third psalm is the next one.  A sort-of broken version of the Hail Mary, followed by the Jesus Prayer chanted within as long as feels natural.  Nobody realizes when I am doing these prayers--they are between God and me.

So the lesson I take here is that any form of prayer, anytime, brings us closer to the true energy, to healing, to wholeness, to oneness with the Great Creative Divine, even when we are not "striving" for it.  So, pray.  And relax.  Because God has everything under control, including you!

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