Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My husband

I learned today that my blog is so uninteresting that even my husband doesn’t read it.  

Despite all the pictures (which I thought would surely capture his interest) he just skims through it and only when I insist that he read it.  

So he never sees how important he is.

Don’t get me wrong.  My husband is a terrific person.  He is kind, compassionate, funny, loving.  He is not what one would call a literate person.  He doesn’t understand the beauty of a literary passage, or the social implications of artistic expression. He is, instead, a simple person, a bodhisattva, content to simply “be” every day and savor the moment.  He is a great spiritual lesson to me.

This man has taught me more about faith than anyone I have ever known.  He is always (it seems) confident that all will be well.  He is a believer in the goodness of the Universe, the inherent goodness of people as expressions of that Universe.  He is always kind, never malicious, though sometimes thoughtless.

There are days when I perceive myself as more evolved or more mature than him.  I am often frustrated at his inability to “get” me in an intellectual way.  Our conversations are rarely deep or philosophical.  But our interactions are always good—happy, loving, kind.  So I end up wondering if I am too much an intellectual snob.  

In spite of our differences, we have been together twenty years.  I can always count on his honesty, his loyalty, his help.  He doesn’t always know what to do or say, but if I tell him, he will do it.  Do I wish he would make his own needs known?  Yes.  But that is not his style, not his nature.
Many people asked us if living in a small RV together wouldn’t be a strain on our relationship, but it is not.  Because he is always open to new experiences and traveling with Rick is like watching a little kid discover the world.  His sense of wonder and happiness is infectious, and he is the most patient person I have ever known.  I am the tornado that rotates around him, and he stands steadfast in its wake.  I am blessed to have found the perfect foil for me.  The perfect patient loving man that is my husband—reading my blog or not.   

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  1. sometimes what works best are complimentary personalities, rather than matching. So glad you found such a wonderful man with whom to share your travels!