Friday, December 6, 2013

I am NOT a fortune-teller!

Talked to a bookstore owner tonight—wanting to know what kind of reader I was and how “predictive” I am, because that is what their clients expect.  (Only because you lead them to expect it!)

Once again, I want to scream at the world, “I am NOT a magic eight ball!” 

My job as a psychic intuitive is to help people understand the spiritual themes in their lives and help them improve their relationship with their own life, to help develop their own intuition. But I am constantly faced with clients and bookstore owners who expect me to tell the client something like  will I find a job this week, or will my abusive boyfriend come back to me?   

The fundamental problem with this is the idea that they are at the mercy of the fates in some way and that I can see that.  Yes, in some ways we are at the mercy of fate, but we are also empowered to make choices in our lives.  And those choices—made today, in this moment—have the potential to change our fates immediately and irrevocably.  But most people who want “psychic advice” want some “Madame Marie” who tells fortunes and removes curses and restores lost loves.  That is bullshit, scam artist, steal-your-money practice.  I am a real psychic. I can read people and places and help others find their spiritual calling.  But I am not the gypsy fortune-teller on the corner, or the mentalist who is out to convince you through trickery that I can “read your mind.”  

As long as the public insists on this kind of “performance,” real psychics will have a hard time. I expected better of the bookstores and the New Age culture in Phoenix.  I guess I have simply moved beyond that limited, 800-number mentality.  

It is not my job as a psychic intuitive to tell you what will happen to you. Nobody can tell you that.  It IS my job to tell you what Spirit gives me to share with you, to help you have a better connection with your own spirit and your own spiritual journey. If you are up for that, then call me.  Otherwise, call some 800 number. 

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