Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Power of Environment

One doesn't always realize how powerfully the environment can affect our mood, our sense of self, our confidence, especially the subtle energies of the land where we are. 

I had a bad week, emotionally speaking, in Loveland. There was no apparent reason for it, we could see the mountains, we were in a park with nice people at a reasonable price, close to resources for whatever we needed, and the weather was considered to be delightful.

And yet, I was depressed, deeply depressed, almost dangerously depressed.  I felt like I'd lost my faith, I couldn't feel the Divine anymore.  Day after day, anxiety attacks plagued me while I questioned my own strength, my own character, the validity of my self.  I slept fitfully, had terrible dreams, and was fearful of everything.  I knew it was not me, but part of me was convinced it was me.

Today, moving away from that location, I found myself coming alive again.  Boulder was renewing, and even though I was never terribly fond of Denver (although I've only passed through before now), I felt myself being more myself with each bookstore visit.  

Now, tonight, on the banks of a rushing stream, I realize that I need to be near running water to feel "right."  I have always been sensitive to the energies of "location."  The land, the house, this piece of property.  It is what makes me able to "read" locations like so-called haunted houses. Now, thinking back to the last few days, Loveland felt to me like the darkness of December, though I cannot exactly explain why.

I'm sure many people have wonderful lives and happy moods in Loveland.  But for weird, overly sensitive, writer/artist/creative/psychic types, environment seems to lay the foundation for everything else one wishes to accomplish. And for me, I must remember not to let my self be undermined by the environment.  When I am feeling so bad for no apparent reason, I must look to my location and if necessary, change it. 

Blessings to you all!

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