Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Colorado Recap to Date

Visits to bookstores in Denver yielded multiple sales and good will.  Our appearances at Celebration Metaphysical center were wonderful, instructive to me as well as my students and my readings went well.  We also sold a number of Psycards products and the bookstore and I both made money from very happy customers.  I am now living the idea that abundance can be obtained by giving to and sharing with others and does not require acquisitiveness, competition or greed to be made manifest. 

Visited all the other bookstores in the Colorado Springs area yesterday, as well as Manitou Springs. We secured our place for next week at the Crystal Kangaroo Campground, high above Manitou Springs, with an incredible view of the Garden of the Gods, and the valley below.  From just below Pike’s Peak, Fountain Creek runs down through Colorado Springs to the Arkansas River south of here. 

Day before yesterday, we visited Garden of the Gods, and I plan to drive through it again a couple more times before we leave in eight days.  We are signed up to attend the Celebration BMS Fair at the Colorado City Auditorium on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 

One of the remarkable things about Colorado these days is its move toward the legalization of marijuana. Although not legal yet to buy or sell, it is legal to possess.  I rarely indulge—I don’t like the way it makes me feel—but my husband enjoys it, and I have never had an objection to the recreational use of drugs as long as it is responsible and discrete. 

At a pizza parlor Rick made a joke about getting some grass.  The waiter discretely gave us a “guest check” with the following note on it (I’ve changed the names of the people and the streets because I don’t want anyone to get in trouble):

“Gallery M13, Cimarron & Cucharros ? Across the street from Booking Brothers Café, on top of the Dirty Dime Bar. Thurs-Sun 4:20-12A.  Tell TK Julio sent ya.”

I had to laugh because it all seemed so surreptitious, like getting the address for a speakeasy.  Rick called it a “smokeeasy.”


In Celebrations bookstore this weekend, I encountered small spiders twice, and again this morning when I went to work on my paperwork (update the database, record sales, etc.).  So what is Spider trying to tell me?  From Stephen D. Farmer’s Animal Spirit Guides

Spider is the opportunity to access your deepest wisdom, and make it part of your daily life. Be careful of any traps or ruses.  Open your mind to the infinite possibilities before you. Don’t limit yourself to the mundane world, but explore other dimensions and realities.  Write creatively without limits, allow yourself to be inspired by Nature.

Perfect!  True.  My mediumship abilities seem to be growing.  Rick’s as well.  Yesterday, I opened an account at Wells Fargo (at the behest of my spirit guides, believe it or not), and the young man who has now become my personal banker purchased a Psycards System after Spirit gave a small demonstration.  

While I was sitting at his desk, I was seized with a coughing fit.  I have found (ever since a shamanic journey in January of 2012) that sometimes just before I get information or an experience, I will get these coughing fits.  I think that sometimes it may be that a spirit is trying to speak through me. 

So I had this coughing fit at the banker’s desk and I told him that I had a spirit trying to come through for him.  Rick piped up and say, “His grandmother.”  I had at that very instant felt a grandmother spirit.   

Then I said, “What about the bicycle?  The blue bicycle?”

Our young banker friend replied that he had recently purchased a blue bicycle. 

“She says that she wants you to think about her when you ride it.” I told him.

“My grandmother just died a couple of weeks ago,” he told us.

“Well, she wants you to think of her, and to be careful.  Is it a mountain bike?  Because I see you outdoors, bicycling alone, and she worries about you.  Be careful and think of her when you ride.”

He was quietly amazed and moved.

“Thank you.  That means a lot.”

So, spontaneously, in the most unlikely of places (like a Wells Fargo branch in a grocery store), Spirit finds a way to come through.  And I am learning, slowly, how to interpret the impressions I get.  I am learning the symbols used (roses are love, different colors mean different kinds of love), and learning more and more every day to trust myself.  That is, trust my Self—my Higher Self, through which Spirit flows and brings in information and communications.

Spider is also spot-on about the writing.  Since being here in this area, I have been working on the Kokopelli novel.  I love those moments when the land speaks to me, when I can get inspired by its rich variety, its power and grace.  Those are the moments for me when poetry is born.  I am very much looking forward to working on Kokopelli next week after this next fair, when I myself am “up high among the yellow rocks, where only the wind and the eagle speak.”

Today is dedicated to updating paperwork and the blog and I will process pictures later today or tomorrow.  Look for the photo essay shortly!

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