Friday, October 11, 2013

Colorado Springs Photo Essay

I love taking pictures from the road.
Colorado Springs has been deemed one of America's most livable cities by at least two national publications and it is easy to see why.  Nestled against the bosom of the Rockies, beneath the towering Pike's Peak, it is home to a very diverse and eclectic community.  Open, artistic, progressive, Colorado Springs and its neighbor Manitou Springs are rich in color, art, outdoor activities, cultural riches, and natural beauty. 

Waterfalls, magnificent caves, ancient cliff dwellings, Pike's Peak, museums, Garden of the Gods, and a million places to walk, hike, bike, ski, camp, or view wildlife. 

Today, we are at the Crystal Kangaroo campground, just up the mountain from Manitou Springs.  There are bears up here, thought I haven't seen one yet.  I did see their scat and tracks this morning, though. 

We haven't been to all the sights yet, but we did visit Garden of the Gods, which is visible from our campground. The perfect place to write about my Kokopelli characters--Keenai and Lolula are both wandering in the story right now, searching for the village on the plains, the village of Buffalo Running.  But Lolula passes through here, and Keenai entered the prairie up closer to where Denver is now.  This land is indeed full of spirit, as the word "manitou" means.

Catt at the Ghost Town Museum.
We also spent a morning at the Ghost Town Museum.

Rick conversing with the artsy elk.

Gypsy fortune teller machine at the Ghost Town Museum.

The Gypsy Fortune Telling machine told me I would be successful, to guard my health, and that my life is undergoing a great change.  Pretty close to the actual.  I love synchronicity!

Goofing off at Super Target.

Rick getting in touch with his Viking pioneer ancestors at the Ghost Town Museum.

Rick playing Sisyphus.
 Strange speed limit signs in a Super Target parking lot.  Really?  Half miles per hour?  Is anyone's speedometer that accurate?

It is time to get ready for the Celebration BMS Fair today.  More photos to come later!

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