Thursday, October 10, 2013

Photos as Promised

After Loveland, we visited bookstores all over Denver, then "landed" at the Flying Saucer RV Park.  

This sunset on Bear Creek was wonderful.  The sound of rushing waters after the dry and empty landscape around Loveland was very renewing.  I would recommend this campground, except for one thing:  when we tried to stay a second night, we were told our RV was too "old" and we had to leave.  Apparently, if one doesn't have enough money to purchase a relatively new $100K RV, one is not welcome here!  The impression they gave us was that they rented to us the first night because we arrived "late" (4 PM), and they felt sorry for us.  They made an exception because we were only staying the one night.  I suppose if we stayed longer, the property values of the trailer park would go down!!!!

Instead, we ended up moving south and camping in Chatsfield State Park.  This was a bit pricier than we would have liked.  It was $6 per vehicle just to drive INTO the park, then something like $28 for the night.  Also, the showers were pay showers!  Twenty-five cents for three minutes.  Now who the hell wears pockets into the shower to keep quarters?  And how convenient is it to put a quarter into the shower every three minutes?  It would take me three minutes just to get the right temperature. Also, the lights in the restrooms were motion-activated, so if you sat on the toilet longer than three minutes, you ended up doing your business in the dark. No more Colorado State Parks for us. 

But there was some pretty scenery there.

Entrance to the park

Lakeshore at Chatsfield

Morning on the lake

Morning fog

Prairie dog town

Prairie dog

Prickly Pear

The cats enjoyed themselves.

The structure over the lake.


The next day, we headed south toward Colorado Springs. We stopped along the way at Castle Rock to visit a bookstore, but never found it. There was this logo on the street signs and we could not figure out what it was supposed to be.  A roadrunner?  An eagle?  Feel free to suggest a guess.

What is that logo?

Castle Rock

And the mountains were getting closer!

We also made a short side-road trip when we got off to get a beverage and realized it was easier to take the two-lane road than it was to turn around while towing the Ranger.  And we discovered a lovely little mountain town.

Closeup of the building front--The Depot at Palmer Lake

Parked at Palmer Lake

The Depot at Palmer Lake.

The view from Palmer Lake.
We arrived at Colorado Springs by midday and checked into our new home:  Goldfield RV Park.

It's a little sparse; there is really no room between sites on this side to open our canopy or put up a picnic table.  But it is close to everything we needed (six blocks from the bookstore) and they had a very nice shower house, laundry facilities, and a dish-washing area. 

Once we were set up, I went to visit the store and was very pleased.

Celebrations is a beautiful center with three houses linked.  The center house is the bookstore itself.  the house to the right (not seen in this picture) is offices for readers, healers, etc., and the house on the left is the community room where the workshop was held.

The workshop was a lot of fun and once again, I learned some new perspectives on the Psycards.  I love learning from my students.

On Friday, I gave readings all day, and Saturday was the book-signing from 1-3.  The turnout all the way around was gratifying and the folks at Celebrations are wonderful!  I am hoping to come back to Colorado next June, visit more stores with classes, etc., attend INATS (International New Age Trade Show), and return to Celebrations for another weekend!

Since then we have been sight-seeing in the area.  I will share more of those photos in the next blog post!  Right now, I have to go take a shower, and bug out for our next campground:  Crystal Kangaroo in Manitou Springs, then back to Colorado Springs City Auditorium to set up for the BMS Celebration Fair there this weekend.

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