Thursday, September 19, 2013

On the Road to CO

No time to post photos today or a lengthy post, but I wanted to keep everyone apprised of our location.  We made it almost all the way to Nebraska when we stopped for dinner.  The little cafe had "Survivor" on--the first episode of the season, so we stayed to watch that and realized we were too tired from the heat of yesterday to go any further. 

Luckily, there was a campground behind the EconoLodge in Walnut, Iowa, just a half mile from the cafe. 

The toad vehicle did very well, not a ripple of disturbance on the tarp, held up through the rain without anything getting ruined and tracking nicely.  Crosswinds are our worst enemy, though, making the RV sway and lurch--really quite terrifying!  But we stick to the right lane and do around 50 MPH and we get there, with frequent stops for me to stop hyperventilating!  Rick, as always is cool and calm and patient. God bless him.

We are about 40 miles from Omaha and about 8-9 hours from Cheyenne (Nebraska is longer than Iowa is across).  Hoping to make Cheyenne by nightfall and camp there.  We have to take the Interstates because US 34 into Loveland from I-76 has been washed out near Greeley.  So it was either go through Cheyenne and take I-25 South or go all the way down to Denver and back up 25. 

We're supposed to encounter scattered thunderstorms today, and temps in the 80s, so hold us in your prayers for safety and cooler weather.

Yeehaw!  We're heading West!

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