Saturday, September 14, 2013

Feeling gratitude and ready to fly

God bless those human “angels” who show up to help when you are most in need.  We have been fortunate to meet Chuck and Jennifer and their children Elizabeth Rose (13) and Austin (14). 

Today Chuck helped Rick put the tow bar on our Ford Ranger and tomorrow he is going to help us set our water system to rights.  We were originally scheduled to leave tomorrow, but one more day or two will not hurt us, as we don’t have to be in Colorado until the 20th. 

But what good fortune to meet folks who have talents and tools and a willing heart.  Generosity is truly one of the greatest gifts of the spirit.

Tonight Rick has determined shall be our “farewell party” and he has gone into town to fetch some friends (Hutch and Paul) to come and help us celebrate our last Saturday night in the QCA for some time to come.

Tomorrow I will give our PO box key to Mandy and Dan so they can retrieve our mail for us as needed.  This will also enable them to have an address to use. It is my hope that they will take up Luke’s offer of a room to rent. 

I still need to pick up the remainder of our inventory and figure out how to pack it.  And we still need to take one last trip to the storage unit to store unneeded things and fetch the baskets, license and seat from my other bicycle.

Tomorrow I will have to vacate my seat at the table (officially my office) so the boys can remove the bench and get to the water holding tank, so I will be working outside most of tomorrow.  Fortunately, it is supposed to be cooler and despite predictions of rain, I shall be fine and dry beneath our new canopy. 

The Universe has spent this summer proving to me that I can trust, I can have faith and all will be well.  Blessed be, we are poised to launch into a new life.

(In spite of this, I have been sad all day because I miss my Dad and I can't call him and share my news.)

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