Monday, September 9, 2013

9/9 and 97

These next two days are the return of miserable sweltering heat—let’s hope it is the last of summer’s mean-spirited side. It is 8 AM and I haven’t been out yet, but the morning even looks steamy.  The humidity is visible, every leaf on the trees is still. 

Today is uncertain for us.  We are at the end of our 14 days on this side of the campground. Because it is after Labor Day, we are allowed to move to the other side without having to go to another campground, but the site we want is reserved through tomorrow.  We have asked permission to stay here an extra night, but we have not yet received any response from the Park Rangers. So, we have no idea where we will be sleeping tonight.  As a plan B, I am pretty certain that at the worst, the four of us can stay overnight at Luke’s (well, the six of us including the cats.)

I am anxious to get on the road, but scared, too.  Still, there is no other option at this point.  There is only one path open clearly and that is to be western-bound.  My Capricorn moon is never happy about not knowing what will happen, at not having a clear-cut plan, but then what plans are every reliable?  Life is full of surprises and I’m trying to get the hang of staying happy in the face of uncertainty.  But deep within, I feel a calling--a calling to a place of community where many others share my views and my beliefs.  Somewhere, I think, in the Pacific Northwest. 

Today I will work on some Psycards necessary work (shipping, record-keeping, etc.).  We will probably go to the library to return the movies and maybe get some more.  Next week, we move to Scott County Park for a final night or two in the Quad Cities, and to have the RV’s brakes and other systems checked at Automotive Central in Eldridge.  We still have to buy the necessary equipment for towing the Ranger and learn how to use it.  But I doubt anything important will be accomplished in the next two days—because I am nearly non-functional when we have temperatures of 97 degrees, as predicted! 

I hope this next week brings contact from the Colorado Springs television station for Mandy and perhaps we'll be traveling together, or at least end up close enough to visit.


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