Thursday, August 15, 2013

Tranquility and Trail-Walking

These last few days here at Shady Creek have been tranquil.  There is a sense of peace and restfulness here. 

Daniel has finally gotten some rest.  After the Rabbit Rigel died, he paced like a panther confined for days without sleep.  He worked himself up into an emotional shipwreck, sleepless, restless and sad.   
Yesterday he began to seem himself again.  This seems to be a place of gentle healing.

We’ve been productive, too.  Mandy and I have been working on jewelry for the upcoming fair and have 30 pieces ready for sale.  I may make some more today.  At our previous site at Clark’s Ferry, Daniel found a marvelous piece of barge rope—big, thick, black and brown towline with frazzled ends like horse tails.  Pairing it with a driftwood log found at the campsite, he fashioned a dock post and fastened the line from the RV to the post so we look like we are moored at dock.  It has gotten a number of comments, remarks and looks by passersby and rangers.  I love the look of it and would like to keep it, but both the post and the rope are very heavy and it would be unwieldy for Rick and I to continue to use it.  Instead, we will be offering it for sale at the craft fair; perhaps it can grace someone’s front yard with a nautical theme.

Notice the rainbow near the ground in front of the post.
I’ve been walking the nature trail here—it is longer than one might imagine and full of surprises.  I’m including here some of the images that I’ve captured on my walkabouts below.

There are two pictures in which I noticed some interesting features:  one is of Rocky standing guard over our camp in the evening at Clark's Ferry.  He is surrounded by orbs and little lights!  Some of the lights are the decorative lights on other neighboring RVs, but some of these lights cannot be accounted for. I’m certain they and the orbs are the sprites and fairies that have come to accompany us. The other is the picture above, with the rainbow near the ground in front of our post.

When I was in Minnesota, I had one wise woman tell me that I am surrounded by these small beings and they are eager to be helpful.  When I am making jewelry, I began asking for help in threading the needles—my eyesight has never been good and it is beginning to decay with age—and every time I ask for help, the thread goes straight into the eye even if I can’t see it!  I’m also told that fairies and sprites and other related spirits like to be busy, so if you don’t give them something to do, they will become mischievous and hide objects or move things around for their own amusement.  So, if you suspect you have any of the faer folk about, give them something to do.  I plan to keep mine busy with arts and crafts and perhaps in finding some of my lost objects!  (The lid to the coffee pot, the missing mouse, the missing cover to the batteries on the other mouse, the lid to the salt shaker, etc.)

Here are some of my nature photos from my walks.

Helianthus tuberosis:  Jerusalem artichoke

Attempting to capture the Leonid meteor showers.  All other photos were completely black.  I have no idea what this streak of light is.  Anyone?

Ohio spiderwort

Morning light on the river.

Thistle along the railroad tracks.

Unidentified mushroom.  Can anyone tell me what this is?

Black chokeberries.

Black-eyed Susans--one of my favorite flowers!

Grass swiftly returning to flood-damaged ground.

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