Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Angels schedule a potty break

When we were in Minneapolis, I plotted the maps to the bookstores in town.  Since I didn’t have my printer with me, I simply wrote down the directions as I planned to move as efficiently as possible from location to location. I visited Bellaluna, Eye of Horus, and Magus Books, as well as Llewellyn Worldwide.   

Without the maps I relied blindly on the instructions I had written.  Somewhere between Eye of Horus and Magus Books, I had to go to the bathroom.  Following my directions, we exited per the instructions, found the first gas station restroom, then continued following what was written on the paper. The directions took us instantly back to the exit we had just come off and back on the same highway heading in the same direction.  The only reason I could figure why that had been written in my instructions was that somehow Spirit knew I was going to need a potty break right then.

This event may not sound very woo-woo, but at the moment, I felt a sense of timelessness—that all things exist always, that time is flexible if not complete illusion and somehow the bending of that had facilitated a simple potty-stop exit written down inadvertently.  And that the Spirits who were guiding me had known and built-in a small kindness. 

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