Thursday, August 29, 2013

Life is Full of Trials

Life is always full of trials, isn’t it?  The key, I guess, is not to live a life without them, but to live a life without letting them freak you out.  This requires a willingness to choose your perspective.  Let me give you an example.

I received the financing for Psycards this week—this is the only financing I am going to receive again, ever.  My plan for this financing included advertising, hiring someone to do telephone sales, cover the costs of shows for the next year, etc, etc.  Instead, the Universe has apparently decided that this financing is going to fix the RV (so we can do the shows).  Both the brakes and the A/C! 

Plus I need to find a vehicle that we can tow flat, that is easy on gas, and comfortable for Rick and I to drive (i.e. no bucket seats, and no climbing down into the vehicle).  Something like a Ford Ranger or Chevy S10—extended cab (Rick is too tall for the regular one), ideally with a five-speed transmission (easy on gas).  Then we will have to sell off the Explorer pretty quickly—we are scheduled to leave here in 17 days!

The day before yesterday, we moved from Shady Creek to Fisherman’s Corner.  On the way, the brakes in the RV went out on Rick, and he limped it into Hampton. Then the God-awful heat swooped in and killed the compressor on our RV A/C.  Last night, we had to rush about in near 100 degree temps to pack enough gear for us and the cats to go stay with a friend.  So, we are in Silvis staying with Luke until we can get a mechanic out to look at both issues.

Last month it was the computer, this month, the vehicles. 

Now, I could be upset that I have to use some of this financing to solve these problems, but the truth is we are very lucky to have them available at all.  And Psycards USA doesn’t happen at all without me.  There is no growing this business unless we can travel to the events, and visit bookstores.  So, every penny spent may not be spent according to plan, but it still is being used to create our success.
And I feel strongly that the Divine has allowed it to unfold this way to ensure our safe travel as we move outside of our local comfort zone.

Because we have a good friend, we don’t have to spend money staying at a hotel and can use that money instead to pay for repairs.  So, gratitude to Luke who has set us up in a basement bedroom with a king-size bed, a Jacuzzi, an indoor “smoking room,” bathroom and a very cool temperature.  In exchange, I did some house cleaning yesterday, made a big breakfast, helped him clean up and organize some clothes and Rick and I both helped him fulfill one of his business orders (he makes signs) by putting together pre-cut pieces of plexiglass.

This morning, we have the mechanic coming to the campsite to look at the RV and let us know what can be done and how much it will cost.  Angels, please, be merciful as you have always been, and thank you.

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