Sunday, April 14, 2013

Fairfield Farmer's Market and Other Miracles

Daddy died this morning.  Maybe he left us now because he knew I was going to need a guardian spirit.  And I felt all day that he was somehow helping me.

Attended the Fairfield Farmer’s Market today at the Fairfield Senior Center.  Met some wonderful people, including Cary Spray who runs the market and generously allowed us to participate (since I wrote the book and their rule is you have to make it, bake it, cook it or grow it,   I passed muster).  The cost was only $7, and I made nearly a hundred—a big help in offsetting the costs of two nights in a hotel.  

 The next person I met that really made a connection was Cindy Buck.  She and I had an interesting conversation about Psycards and spiritual paths and related topics.  She purchased a Psycards System as a gift to her friends in New England and she also got a reading.  I mentioned that we were looking for someone to host us in our camper until Monday or Tuesday and she said, “I’m the perfect person!”  She lives only a few blocks from the Farmer’s Market location.  As it turns out, she is also an English major (she had Annie Dillard on her coffee table) and after we were parked at her place, she and I had a nice discussion about literature, including my novel about Bartleby.

The next interesting lady I met was Maija—who shared so many wonderful bits of information it is impossible to include them all here.  She did share that she knew someone (or was related to someone) who had just completed their degree in Depth Psychology with an emphasis on Jungian Archetypes—the very program where I am considering obtaining my Ph.D.!  What are the odds?  She, too, bought a reading and a Psycards System. 

After the Farmer’s Market closed, we went downtown to the square, ate some lunch and went to find the “Om” bookstore.  What we found was Revelations—a coffee shop and book exchange.  They do occasionally carry new books, but very limited and mostly about Vedic stuff.  However, Betsy, the owner, informed me that I could arrange a book-signing and workshop plan over a weekend.  Book-signing on Friday, workshop on Saturday, and then the store would display the book or product for a few weeks after the event.  Definitely on the list—incorporate this with another Farmer’s Market and the weekend become not only affordable but profitable. 

Then, after we parked in Cindy’s driveway, a woman arrived and approached the RV.  She initiated a conversation about the RV and somehow we launched into who we were and what we do and she immediately shared her work.  Raenite is a creative woman like I am—she is an artist, a designer, a musician, a storyteller.  She makes origami greeting cards and hand-made greeting cards.  She makes natural fiber clothing.  But perhaps the most important thing she shared is her current project.  Her CD titled “The Blizzard and the Black Wolves of Iowa” which I gather is a combination of stories she’s written accompanied by the same stories in song and other songs that enhance the stories.  There are also other materials that accompany the CD—a “resource list” for one. 
Raenite and Cindy's dog, Tucker

I told her I write reviews and she has graced me with a copy of this work.  Until I have truly listened to it, I cannot tell you more, but I look forward to the journey.  I shared with her information about the Iowa Metaphysical Fair, where I think her merchandise will do well. 

But the synchronicity of our meeting, and the meeting with Cindy (Raenite is a friend of Cindy), and the connection with Maija was magical and left me feeling reeling and light-headed, but elated.  This radical faith thing seems to be working out.  Thanks, Dad!

NEXT POST:  Fairfield Photo Essay--coming later today!

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