Sunday, April 14, 2013

Fairfield Excursion Photos

The dining room wall at Strawberry Farm B&B in Muscatine.
Fresh veggies at the Fairfield Farmer's Market.
Wall mosaic in an alley off the Square in Fairfield.
These bikes were so cheerful and bright.
This mysterious cloth just appeared in my pants pocket minutes after I arrived at the Farmer's Market. I am certain that the pocket was previously empty. A gift from Beyond?

A beautiful breakfast nook with a view.

This old tree left a big footprint.

Jefferson County Courthouse in Fairfield, Iowa.

Ganesha--my oliphant spirit guide.

Interior of Revelations

White paper bathroom shade makes cheerful light.

Having a stringy hair day!

Pergola and sky.

Rocky in his spot.

Sassy in her spot.

Statue of Fairfield Liberty

Fascinating fungi on tree

Singing tree!

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