Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Placid and Blessed Morning

The river is placid this morning, serene under grey skies.  The morning is filled with birdsong and the cooler weather has sent the mosquitoes to their hiding places. 

Yesterday we began the first “experiment” in the book E-Squared:  Nine do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Reality by Pam Grout.  It is simple.  Tell the Field of Infinite Possibilities that you wish a blessing or happy surprise and give it 48 hours.  Then pay close attention. (I’m hoping for a call or email from Llewellyn.)

Last night, we spent time visiting Robert and Jay, brothers living here in their pop-up.  Jay is dying of brain cancer—coincidentally, so is the man in the next spot over, in a big RV.  (More synchronistically, if you as me.) Mandy and Dan are sharing a campsite with them for a few days, a bargain struck in our absence to Thompson Causeway.

Since we began the experiment, I have perceives a couple of blessings:  my blood pressure was normal, my blood work is normal, (stay on the Lisinopril+), we received a $20 credit from Verizon, we were able to do some needed shopping (I got some favorite stuff), and the weather continues to be kind.

Rick says, “I got up this morning.  That is a blessing.”  I agree.  I am here with the man I love (who is currently cooking breakfast on our new campstove), and my cats, working at projects I love, free from the normally awful heat of a Midwestern summer, and I’m free.  Blessings, indeed.

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