Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Scott County Park Pine Grove

I went for a walk again this morning—morelling, if you will, but no luck on those mushrooms.  I did find other fungi, though and captured a nice shot or two. 

Crow gave me a feather and cawed at me until I picked it up and put it in my visor like a headdress.  Rabbit and I had a silent conversation for several long minutes, and then a catbird sang me a lovely song and posed for a picture.  Everywhere there are robins, bluejays and cardinals.  Then when I arrived home from my walk, there was a female Baltimore oriole in the Explorer.  She had flown in through the passenger window and was trying desperately to escape out the back hatch window, which was closed of course.  We noticed it when a male oriole was flying around the Explorer, pecking at the glass, trying to free his mate.  We freed her after taking a short video of her plight.

I awoke hungry and determined to have over-easy eggs, spend the first hour building a happy little fire.  Then bacon and eggs—the best ever!

Yesterday on my walk I startled a doe and she went bounding off, her white tail flashing between the trees. 

Crow is telling me I am on the verge of manifesting something I’ve been working on for some time, and that I can expect a big change very soon.  I will receive signs and omens soon. Rabbit tells me to be creative and take advantage of opportunities.  Eat light.  There will be periods of quiet stillness (like my walks) followed by bursts of productivity.  (Perfect.)  Rabbit may also indicate a baby on the way—and we have recently learned that my oldest daughter, Mary Ellen is expecting.  Maybe there is a granddaughter for me, after all! 

Robin, as the harbinger of spring, indicates there are new beginnings, reminds me to sing my own song, and be joyful.  “Make a wish, be patient, and watch how it comes true.”  Cardinal reminds me to re-examine the religion I grew up in, and to fill my world with color.  Bluejay reminds me to be courageous, choose a path and follow it (spiritually), and finish one or two projects.

These interpretations are based on Animal Spirit Guides, by Steven D. Farmer.

Oriole connects us to the spirits of the trees and the mating pair reminds us to help each other. Oriole also helps us connect to the Little People (People Who Live In The Earth?), and reminds us to be joyful. 

Catbird I think represents me—clearly because of the name.  But I found this interpretation online:

Catbird teaches ways of communicating by listening and singing your own song in life along with care and tact in how you speak. She shows how to be carefree and open so it may be time to loosen up and not conceal your thoughts, ideas and principles. Extremely sensitive, Catbird shows how to follow through with your impressions and hunches. Be alert to what may be hidden under the surface. Pay attention to dreams. Moving with alertness and grace she teaches generosity and gentleness with a touch of ferociousness when needed. Catbird brings the feeling of Spring back into your life by rejuvenating your spirit with the beauty of the world. The time period of Catbird lessons range from about 4 to 6 weeks and cycles two to three times. Catbird's optimum time is in the morning hours so meditation and quiet time should be utilized. (Animal Totems, by Star Stuffs)          

My next posting will be a photo collection from the last couple of days. 


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  1. the milkweed is my favorite, but I liked a lot of others too. haven't had a nice ramble in far too long.