Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Fun at the Figge

One afternoon last week, Rick suggested we check movies out of the library instead of renting—an idea that makes sense given our puny budget.  While we were at the library, I noticed that we could also check out passes to the local museums—the Figge and the Putnam. The Putnam passes were all checked out, and I’d been to the Putnam before many times.  But I had not yet been to the new Figge Art Museum. 

Last Thursday, a cold rainy windy day, we went to the Figge.  And it was wonderful.  I had been wrestling with some pretty dark internal doldrums, and this dose of art was just what I needed.  And doubly so because I got to share it with Rick. 

We visited all the galleries, except the one in transition, and I was thrilled to find works from a couple of my favorite artists, as well as some delightful surprises.  My favorite part of our afternoon was when Rick took me into the family art area and we sat and made drawings together with crayons.  A realio-trulio bit of Fun!  Fun like we have when we are children.  The kind of Fun that adults rarely get to enjoy.

My husband is such a rich, warm person, capable of childlike wonder without losing one iota of his adult masculinity.  This is a rare gift.  I think Santa Claus is the only other person capable of it. He reminds me that I can still feel that kind of youthful joy.  That the heart I had in childhood is still in here and waiting for only a small opportunity to burst happily forth.  

See how much fun he's having?  That's my man.
I loved the architecture of the building and the many opportunities for photographs.

Centennial Bridge

Woman with Polka Dots, Wall with Stripes

Some of my favorite pieces:

Blue Horse by Marc Chagall

Joan Miro.  A Drop of Dew Falling From the Wing of a Bird Awakens Rosalie Asleep in the Shade of a Cobweb. 1939.

I didn't get the artist, but here is my Lady of Guadalupe, my protectress totem since Phoenix.

A real Tiffany window.  Awesomely beautiful. 

 Rick took these photos of me.  Not too bad, I think.

If this painting is art, then I am a living canvas.

And here is Rick mugging with this grand portrait.

Today Rick learned that he has a torn rotator cuff, probably carpal tunnel syndrome and may have to have the hardware in his rebuilt should removed. 

He was telling this to his best friend on the phone.  Laughing he said, “God couldn’t have picked a better person for this.  I’ve got so much experience!”  And he really meant that—no sarcasm, just this sense of gratitude and an appreciation for the humor that he was pre-qualified for this burden.  God love him!  He teaches me so much every day. 

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