Saturday, March 16, 2013

Iowa Ice Jam

I thought I would be posting this from somewhere on the west coast—northern California, Oregon, Washington—but alas it is not to be this year.

So our adventure drags on in the capricious weather of a Midwestern March, our RV sunken and frozen into the mud in the yard, a stack of boxes and other items waiting the last load to storage.  Our voices echo in the empty house and The Hum is back and louder than ever—most noticeably between 2 and 8 AM. 

Keyed-up, frustrated and sleep-deprived, I am trying to maintain a positive outlook.  “God has a plan,” I keep telling myself.  “We are waiting on the will of Heaven.”  Some days I even believe that.

Yesterday it was warm enough and sunny enough to spend a little time outdoors.  I cleaned up some trash in the yard, and put some of my garden things (a trellis, a lawn chair) at the front of the property with a “free” sign.  The snowdrops are about to bloom and the crocuses, too.  When I saw them, I thought I would dig them up and put them in a container and give them to my daughter Sarah for her house, but the ground is still too frozen. But I put fresh potting soil in my two tiny houseplants (an ivy and an African violet, my plant companions for the journey), and it felt fabulous to get my hands in the dirt.  I spent about a half hour putzing like this and the fresh air was very renewing.  I need to get out into nature.  Staying indoors for weeks on end is suppressing my vitality.

Perhaps I will be liberated before my birthday.  Mercury goes direct in a couple of days (on the 17th), so perhaps that will signal the breaking of our “Iowa Ice Jam.”

We do have bookings beginning in May.  Venus Envy at BucktownCenter for the Arts here in Davenport on May 4.  The DubuqueRenaissance Fair in May 18 and 19.  Iowa Metaphysical Fair in Des Moines on June 1 and 2nd.   Quad Cities Paracon OR the International New Age Trade Show in Denver the weekend of June 21-24.  I could also be a speaker at the local group of the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONSQC) on June 13. 

I suppose in the meantime, I will continue to upgrade my social networking skills and projects.  I can write a 20-minute presentation for Psycards for group lectures.  I can write a proposal for a one-day class in astrology for community colleges, parks and rec departments, etc.  I can submit Bartleby to more agents.  I can submit Psycards to more agents. I can finish building and launch it.  Once I receive my bookstore list from New Leaf, I can contact them to schedule events. I can finish and launch the Indiegogo project to raise some money. I can keep up with this blog. It’s not like there’s nothing to do…

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