Thursday, November 14, 2013

Coming Back to Phoenix

Sun dogs over Buckeye.
We arrived in the evening and went straight to Buckeye, where our old friend, Jimmy Parker put us up in his parking lot.  This place holds a lot of memories for us.  I worked in this building with the Desert Sun newspaper (now defunct) for about two years.  The place hasn't changed much, but sadly Jimmy is moving out of the iconic old building.  Sad to see him go. 

Parked at Jimmy's.

This building is right out of the Old West.
Back patio.

Jimmy's office.

Stirrup collection.

Waiting room.

Just a few of Jimmy's massive walking stick collection.

It was neat to discover little signs that I had once been there--like being your own archaeologist.  I even found one while having to reset the circuit breakers--signs from 15 years ago that I had once occupied part of this space.

One of my paintings still adorns Jimmy's office.

Although the image is fuzzy, you can clearly see "Catt's office" on the circuit breaker.
 The next day, we visited Tempe to find Rick's brother and his old friend, Bobby.

Glenn and Rick.

A new highway to nowhere in West Phoenix.

Hobo Joe in Buckeye.

Hobo Joe.

Bobby and Rick, old friends remet at Pete's Fish N Chips in Tempe. 
Sunday brought a little family reunion at Rick's sister's house.

Rick (back to us), Glenn, his wife Frances, Greg (Georgia's husband), and Rick's sister Georgia.

Greg, Alex (Greg and Georgia's son), Georgia and Rick.

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