Thursday, November 8, 2012

Healing and Rebirth

Healing places, sacred spaces—these are my destinations.  I want to go where there is awe and reverence.  I want to witness beauty, grandeur, the power of the cosmos, the wonder of water, the splendor of trees.

I want to feel—no, commune—with the spirits of the land, the guardians of this continent.  And I want to write about those experiences. 

Soon, the chaos and demanding physical work of moving will be over.  I dreamt that I was dying, rebirthing myself, and with birth there is always labor. 

I experience the labor now of this house, this house expelling me out into the world.  This house which has truly been like a mother to me, nurturing, providing safety, and allowing me to heal from my trials in the desert so many years ago.  I bless this place a thousand times over, shower it with gratitude and pray it provides such benevolence to all who follow me to reside here.

There is a growing sense of peace and excitement.  In truth, the election of Barack Obama to a second term gives me hope and a great sense of relief.  I rejoice that America made the right choice.

We are only days away from leaving now.  One last round of moving sale this weekend, then the big push to put everything into storage, donate what is remaining, and the final sorting and clearing of files and writing ad other assorted paperwork.

This month has, as predicted, brought a big breakthrough—New Leaf Distributing has picked up the Psycards!  The largest distributor of “woo-woo” products and books in North America (if not the world) now carries Psycards.  This should be the turning point in the establishment of Psycards as an iconic tool like rune stones or Angel Cards.

I have already been invited to visit and give a workshop at Jan Ross Gifts & Books in Phoenix (the irony of which I will not share, but merely savor).  So, January calls me to the desert again.

All but one cat has found a home.

There are other things to report, but I will wait and add those in-between blogs later.  I felt called by Spirit to post this one today.

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